History about SequoyahMatoaka🌻


Born July 1st named Sequoyah Matoaka from Charleston SC. I hated using Matoaka because people always made fun of it so I didn’t really tell anyone but those that knew me. 2015 I met my husband and he made me embrace Matoaka and had everyone calling me it. The end of 2017 I went to Sally’s and bought me a $20 nail kit and my nail journey started from there. I loved nails, like couldn’t sleep loving nails wanting to watch videos. 2018, I moved, got married and dived back into nails because I took a break. January 1 2019, I decided to take my nails serious so I enrolled in school and created a website to start a business. My name then was Touched by Toaka. School didn’t work out and we moved again October 2019 to Augusta Georgia. At the time I was working at the VA Hospital as a Pharmacy Technician. When I moved to Augusta I didn’t have much products so I requested colors my clients wanted 48 hours in advance to either try and make or to purchase. My clients started liking the custom made colors and started bragging and  that’s how I knew making my own acrylics were for me. October 2020, I stepped out on faith and left the VA to pursue my dreams full time and I haven’t looked back since. I knew my name wasn’t really what I wanted so I decided to brand my name and use SequoyahMatoaka. August 2021, I launched my very own acrylic system with 15 acrylic colors and the rest is history. 

I am now owner and CEO of Beautifully Blessed Beauty Bar, LLC and I am a licensed Master Cosmetologist who specializes in acrylic freestyle nail enhancements. Our salon/store is a One Stop Shop. We offer acrylic full sets, Luxury Nail Kits, Tooth Gems and Nail Classes Virtual or In-Person. I am also the owner of SequoyahMatoaka, where we sell High Quality Nail Products. Check us out on all social media platforms @sequoyahmatoaka.

I’ve taught at a few colleges, high schools, middles schools and I’ve been a vendor at one of the BIGGEST trade shows, Premiere Orlando. Dreams do come true. Just believe, pray she have faith.